At the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen,
Denmark, we are looking for an expert in Statistics or Probability
Theory. The successful applicant must be an internationally renowned
researcher at a very high level.
Applicants are required to have university level teaching experience,
documented teaching competencies and must be able to explain and reflect
upon his/her teaching practice and portfolio. Formal pedagogical
training or supervision equivalent to the University of Copenhagen
teacher training programme for assistant professors is required.
Duties include the applicant’s own research, development of the field,
assessment tasks, grant applications, and research management including
supervision and training of research fellows and other staff. The
successful applicant must also teach, supervise, prepare and participate
in examinations, and fulfill other tasks requested by the Department.
Assessment of applicants will primarily consider their level of
documented, original scientific production at an international level,
including contributions to developments in their field, as well as their
documented teaching qualifications. Managerial and out-reach
qualifications of applicants including ability to attract external
funding will also be considered.
Deadline for application: 25 September, 2015
Appointment: 1 January, 2016, or soon hereafter
For further information we kindly refer you to the web-site: