In the Official Gazette – IV Special Series – Competitions and Exams No. 41 of 21/05/2024, the notice for public selections has been published, based on qualifications and a public discussion, for one position of tenure-track researcher (RTT), through the stipulation of a subordinate work contract with a duration of 6 years. The position includes research and teaching activities at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Milan.
Italian scientific sector: GSD 13/D4, SSD SECS-S/06 (new GSD denomination: 13/STAT-04 SSD: STAT-04/A).
The procedure for completing and submitting the application for participation in the aforementioned public selection is exclusively online and requires the use of the SICON application. The full text of the notice, with the attached application template and indication of the requirements is available on the webpage by choosing the procedure code (5552) through the search engine at the top of the page, or by using the direct link

The deadline for submitting applications is set for 12:00 PM on June 21, 2024.