Dear BFS members
Our 7th World Congress will start next week in Sydney. We are confident that the meeting will be successful, and we look forward to meeting you there.
Similar to the past World congresses, this is the occasion to hold our General Assembly to report on the activities of BFS, its latest achievements, and to open the debate for suggestions. So for those of you who will be in Sydney, please do not miss our General Assembly on Thursday, 21 June 2012, 13:10 Ballroom A (Level 3). Please find the agenda on our website:
As a new development of BFS, we would like to launch the following committees for which we are looking for volunteers among you in order to help the mathematical finance community.
A) Newsletter Committee: John Fuqua is doing a great job. We would like to strengthen this activity by enriching the content and enhancing more modern communication means.
B) Meeting Committee: to enhance proposals for the future World Congresses, to help applicants with the experience of the previous congresses, to report a recommendation to the Council, who is responsible for the decision and to help the successful applicant in the preparation of the event.
C) Relations and Education Committee: BFS has already signed agreements with the IMS and the SIAM Group in Financial Mathematics. This contributes to our visibility within the mathematics community, and needs to be extended by further initiatives with other academic communities. This committee would also collect relevant information at the level of education and implement modern tools to make them available.
D) Industry Relations Committee: BFS has many special relations with individuals from the industry and would gain in extending such relations to create partnerships with industrial partners. We also need to build relations with the financial industry and the regulators, and to collect relevant information and make available for the community.
E) Logo Committee: after 16 years of existence, this committee will collect ideas from the members to recommend a Logo for BFS.
We hope very much that these committees will help to improve the BFS primal mission of serving the mathematical finance community. It is now up to the members of BFS to help with the implementation of these projects.
Therefore we are seeking the help of volunteer members. Should you be interested in investing in one of the above committees, please contact Denise Künzli,
Best regards, Mete Soner and Nizar Touzi