The position is created to strengthen research in the field of energy finance at NTNU, Faculty of Economics and Management. The research project focuses on Financial Challenges for the Integration of Short Term Electricity Markets, having as project manager associate professor Florentina Paraschiv from NTNU Business School and project partner professor Stein-Erik Fleten from the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management (IØT). This is the first interdepartmental research collaboration within the newly formed Faculty of Economics and Management.
In the context of this project, The Faculty of Economics recruits 1 PhD student with a strong quantitative background in applied statistics, econometrics, and/or optimization with research interests in the energy field. We expect a commitment to high-quality research and contribution to the research environment at NTNU Business School.
Summary of project:
Our proposal addresses a new line of research concerning the optimal generation and trading of electricity with focus on the Nordic countries and the continental European markets. The results of this study aim at giving important insights to policy makers involved in the design of market coupling. We will disentangle the price drivers and analyse the bidding behaviour in both markets. This is highly relevant, since the markets for transmission capacity and spot electricity in the Nordics and at the continent will be integrated and cleared simultaneously.
General information:
The public workforce strives to reflect the diversity within the population as far as possible. The position adheres to the Norwegian Government’s policy of balanced ethnicity, age and gender. Persons with immigrant background are encouraged to apply.
Starting date:
Starting date for the position is in June 2018.
Contact: Florentina Paraschiv —->