Every two years, the Financial Mathematics Program at Bar-Ilan University gives two cash prizes for papers on these topics, which are then presented as part of the conference:
Third Bar-Ilan Conference on Financial Mathematics
This year, the conference will take place Wednesday, May 30 and Thursday, May 31 at Bar-Ilan University.

  • The General Prize will be plane fare to Israel and accommodations for the time of the conference, upper limit $2000.
  • The Young Researcher Prize will be plane fare to Israel and a per-diem, upper limit $1500.

These will be commuted to a cash prize if the winner is from Israel, 5000 NIS or 3000 NIS respectively. The deadline for submitting papers is March 21, 2018.
Submission Details

  1. The prizes are for academic papers, whether unpublished or published within the last two years, dealing with the use of financial models in financial markets or in risk management. Preference will be given to papers which are interesting mathematically and seem to have feasible commercial applications.
  2. The General Prize includes all papers in this category. The submitter, in making the submission, agrees to come to Israel for the Financial Mathematics Sessions on May 30-31 and give a presentation based on the paper. As stated in the announcement, the plane fare and accommodations will be covered up to $2000. If the paper has co-authors, they must agree in writing that the prize go to the submitter. Invited lecturers may submit.
  3.  The Young Researchers prize is for research students or graduates with doctorates who received the Ph.D. no more than two years earlier. The submission must be accompanied by a recommendation by the student’s advisor. The submitter must agree to lecture at the conference and up to $1500 will be covered.
  4. In addition to the paper itself, the submission form, signed and scanned, and an abstract of one page in length should be sent to FMACA@math.biu.ac.il
  5. The judging committee is composed of academics. The committee reserves the right not to grant a prize if no paper of the proper quality is received.
  6. The papers should be submitted by March 21, 2018, and the answers will be given by April 30, 2018.