ARPM – Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management is looking for instructors to deliver lectures on Quantitative Finance based on the ARPM Lab.
The lectures will be delivered remotely and made available to attendees via live streaming and recordings.
Candidates must
  • have completed, or be close to completion of a PhD in any of the following disciplines, with focus on Mathematical Finance: Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Economics, Electrical Engineering.
  • be native in English, or natively fluent with minimal accent
  • have experience teaching remotely at the graduate level
Successful instructors will be supported by a team of teaching assistants who will grade the homework, and coordinate the logistics of the lectures.
Successful instructors are expected to invest considerable¬†time absorbing the materials as presented in the ARPM Lab, in such a way to be ready to respond to attendees’ questions on the materials.
To apply, please reach out to