4-year PhD program in Modeling and Engineering Risk and Complexity (MERC) at SSM, a new School for Advanced Studies of the University of Naples “Federico II”– ITALY.

The Call for Applications for the 4 year PhD Program in Modeling and Engineering Risk and Complexity (MERC) of the Scuola Superiore Meridionale (SSM is a School for Advanced Studies in Naples) is now out and available at

6 fully funded 4-year scholarships are available this year.

Each scholarship includes a stipend of EUR 19,000 per year which is increased by 50% when the student is spending time abroad. Students are expected to spend at least 9-12 months abroad during their PhD. Each Scholarship also includes approx EUR 4,000 for research costs/travel per year.

Applicants must submit a brief scientific report (description of their MSc thesis work, CV, personal statement and reference letters) following the instructions provided at the website above by no later than July 1st 2021.

For any further information contact the PhD Coordinator, Prof Mario di Bernardo, at merc@unina.it