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Principal Guidelines

At SIG, Quantitative Researchers explore the latest concepts in financial mathematics to solve problems found in the markets. We created the Bachelier Finance Society Junior Scholar Award to recognise scholars who share the passion for cutting-edge research. This award is conferred every two years on the author(s) of the most outstanding paper submitted to the BFS World Congress by junior researchers. The award is based on the content of the contribution to the submitted paper by the junior researcher(s).

The purpose of the Bachelier Finance Society Junior Scholar Award is to attract PhD students and young researchers to the BFS World Congresses.


  1. Eligibility is restricted to PhD students and junior researchers who have not obtained their PhD degree more than two years before the application deadline*;
  2. All applicants must be members of the Bachelier Finance Society by the same deadline*;
  3. Each applicant may be a co-author of only one paper submitted to each biennial competition;
  4. Submissions may include papers with senior co-authors (i.e. ineligible for the award), provided that each senior co-author writes a letter attesting a leading role and major contributions to the results to the junior researcher(s). Senior authors do not receive any award;
  5. Papers entered in the competition must have been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal in English by the application deadline. Papers do not need to be published at the time of submission.

*) The deadline is the submission deadline of the respective Congress

Requirements for Submission

To enter the competition, each author has to submit the following documents:

  1. An extended abstract of the paper in English. The total length of the submitted abstract (including bibliography) may not exceed five pages;
  2. A short curriculum vitae (at most two pages);
  3. The complete paper;
  4. A letter from the Mentor or Advisor attesting to the fact that the student(s) meet the conditions of the award;
  5. Proof that the paper has been submitted for publication;
  6. In case of co-authored papers, a letter from each senior author attesting to the contribution of the junior applicant in the scholarship.

Prize Committee

The Scientific Committee of any biennial BFS Congress acts as the Prize Committee. The Committee requests, collects, and evaluates nominations and finally decides on a paper for the prize award.

A submitted paper co-written with a member of the Scientific Committee cannot be rated by that same member.

Notification of Prize Winners

The BFS president will notify the recipient(s) at least six weeks before the award date. Each recipient is required to present his or her paper at the meeting where the prizes are awarded; if exigent circumstances prevent presentation, the BFS president may grant an exception, at his or her sole discretion.

Description of the Award

The author(s) of the Bachelier Finance Society Junior Scholar Award shall receive a framed certificate and a cash prize of EUR 5000 from SIG. If the winning paper has multiple junior co-authors, each of them receives an equal share of such amount.

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We are proud to announce the winners of the 2022 award. The winner is Yanwei Jia for the paper “Policy evaluation and temporal-difference learning in continuous time and space: A martingale approach”. We would like to congratulate the winner warmly for his achievement.

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2018 award. The winners are Eduardo Abi Jaber and Omar El Euch for their paper “Multi-factor approximation of rough volatility models”. We would like to congratulate the winners warmly for their achievement.