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21th Winter School on Mathematical Finance
January 22–24, 2024
Soesterberg, The Netherlands

15th Actuarial and Financial Mathematics Conference: Interplay between Finance and Insurance
February 5–6, 2024
Brussels, Belgium

Energy Finance Italia 9 Conference (EFI9)
February 12–14, 2024
Bari, Italy

Recent Developments in the Mathematics of Machine Learning
March 26, 2024
Wuppertal, Germany

5th International Conference on Computational Finance (ICCF24)
April 2–5, 2024
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

11th International Conference “Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance”(MAF2024)
April 4–6, 2024
Le Havre Cedex, France

XXV Workshop on Quantitative Finance (QFW2024)
April 11–13, 2024
Bologna, Italy

5th Spring Colloquium on Probability and Finance
April 19, 2024
Padova, Italy

2024 Lancaster-Manchester-Warwick Joint PhD Workshop on Quantitative Finance and Financial Technology
May 13, 2024
Warwick, UK

Workshop on Mathematical Finance at Jeju
May 31-June 3, 2024
Jeju Island, Korea

Byrne Conference on Stochastic Analysis in Finance and Insurance
June 3–5, 2024
Ann Arbor MI, USA

35th International Summer School of the Swiss Association of Actuaries (2024)
June 3–7, 2024
Lausanne, Switzerland

Advances in Risk Modelling
July 2–3, 2024
Vienna, Austria

27th International Congress on Insurance: Mathematics and Economics
July 8–11, 2024
Chicago IL, USA

ARPM Quant Bootcamp 2024
July 8–11, 2024
New York NY, USA and online
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Equilibrium Summer School
July 15–19, 2024
New Brunswick NJ, USA

China International Conference on Insurance and Risk Management (CICIRM 2024)
July 17–20, 2024
Ningbo, China

Scandinavian Actuarial Conference 2024
August 14–16, 2024
Copenhagen, Denmark

The First INFORMS Conference on Financial Engineering and FinTech
August 19–21, 2024
Hong Kong, China

7th Berlin Workshop on Mathematical Finance for Young Researchers
September 4–6, 2024
Berlin, Germany

Quantitative Methods in Finance (QMF) 2024
December 17–20, 2024
Sydney, Australia


17th German Probability and Statistics Days (GPSD 2025)
March 11–14, 2025
Dresden, German

12th General AMaMeF Conference
June 23–27, 2025
Verona, Italy