The Bachelier Finance Society has several committees that cover various topics that are of interest to the society.

  • Newsletter Committee: in charge of the BFS quarterly newsletter and any public relations task that may occur, as well as publications.
    Current members: Paolo Guasoni, Natalie Packham, Antonis Papapantoleon, Arnav Sheth
  • Meetings Committee: in charge of handling the proposals for the BFS World Congresses.
    Current members: Jan Obloj (chair), Bruno Bouchard, Xin Guo, Erik Schlögl
  • Relations and Education Committee: in charge of positioning BFS within the mathematics, finance and economics communities and handling relations to other societies.
    Current members: Hernan Alzate, Pavel Gapeev, Thorsten Schmidt, Josef Teichmann
  • Industry Relations Committee: in charge of relations with financial industry and regulators, as well as sponsoring.
    Current members: Walter Farkas (chair), Igor Geninson, Stefan Jaschke, Rachid Lassoued, Marco Lazzarino, Francesco Velasquez Llatas, Sebastian Matei
  • One World Seminars Committee: in charge of the organisation as well as the selection of speakers.
    Current members: Beatrice Acciaio, Jaksa Cvitanic, Sebastian Jaimungal, Jan Obloj, Jorge Zubelli

If you are interested in working with any of the committees, we are very happy for you to contact us.