The Bachelier Finance Society has several committees that cover various topics that are of interest to the society.

  • Newsletter Committee: in charge of the BFS quarterly newsletter and any public relations task that may occur, as well as publications.
    Current members: Paolo Guasoni, Natalie Packham, Antonis Papapantoleon, Arnav Sheth
  • Meetings Committee: in charge of handling the proposals for the BFS World Congresses.
    Current members: Jan Obloj (chair), Bruno Bouchard, Xin Guo, Erik Schlögl
  • Relations and Education Committee: in charge of positioning BFS within the mathematics, finance and economics communities and handling relations to other societies.
    Current members: Hernan Alzate, Pavel Gapeev, Thorsten Schmidt, Josef Teichmann
  • Industry Relations Committee: in charge of relations with financial industry and regulators, as well as sponsoring.
    Current members: Walter Farkas (chair), Igor Geninson, Stefan Jaschke, Rachid Lassoued, Marco Lazzarino, Francesco Velasquez Llatas, Sebastian Matei
  • One World Seminars Committee: in charge of the organisation as well as the selection of speakers.
    Current members: Francesca Biagini, Jaksa Cvitanic, Jean-Pierre Fouque, Marco Frittelli, Matheus Grasselli, Sebastian Jaimungal, Josef Teichmann, Jorge Zubelli

If you are interested in working with any of the committees, we are very happy for you to contact us.