G-Research is a leading quantitative research and technology company based in the West End of London. We use scientific techniques, big data and world-class technology to predict future movements in financial markets.
We are looking for exceptional Masters and PhD students to enrol in our 2018 Summer Internship in Quantitative Research (Data Science/Machine Learning/Mathematical Modelling).
You will be given a challenging research project that demands innovative yet pragmatic mathematical and computational approaches. Using rigorous scientific methodology, robust statistical analysis and pattern recognition you will analyse a data ecosystem, extracting deep insights. Your project may give you the opportunity to use statistical and “big data” analysis approaches, machine learning techniques (i.e. neural networks and deep learning; Bayesian non-parametrics) and optimisation methodologies to solve your problems!
For more information or to apply, please click here: http://www.gresearch.co.uk/vacancies?p=job%2Fo3RR5fwA