Students around the world are invited to participate in the second edition of the SIAG/FME Code Quest – a programming challenge dedicated to solving mathematical and finance modeling problems using computational tools.

The 2023 Quest combines two FinTech themes: Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Automated Asset Management (RoboAdvising).

The primary objective of the competition is to inspire and harness the problem-solving capabilities of students around the world.

  • Open to students or teams worldwide.
  • An entirely internet-based competition with no registration or participation fees.
  • Cash prizes awarded to the top three teams.
  • Only basic knowledge of financial markets and coding is required, and all necessary materials are provided in the challenge description.
  • Possibility to attend office hours held by the quest committee members.
  • Finalists present their work at SIAG/FME Seminar

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Registration open until January 5, 2024.