We are very happy that so many of our membership have taken the opportunity to cast their votes and we are grateful for their continuous support.

The membership of the Bachelier Finance Society has elected a new incoming Vice–President, Huyên Pham, and furthermore, five new Council members: Hansjörg Albrecher, Aurélien Alfonsi, Carole Bernard, Jin Ma, and Thorsten Schmidt.

Our congratulations to all newly elected members and also our thanks to all those who indicated their willingness to serve as an officer of our Society.

We also want to thank the leaving members of the Council for their commitment and contributions: Pauline Barrieu, Masaaki Fukusawa, and Kay Giesecke. Beatrice Acciaio has become Executive Secretary and Jan Obloj has become Vice-President and we are grateful that they are staying on the board.