There are two open postdoctoral positions at the Economics Department of the University of Verona (scientific sector SECS-S06: mathematical models for economics and finance).

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AdR4398/23 BIS (15 months):’economiaedellescienzeattuarialiefinanziarie,perl%E2%80%99attuazionedelprogrammadiricerca%E2%80%9CControlloottimoperlagestionedifontienergeticherinnovabili%E2%80%9D

The research positions are opened as part of the PRIN PNRR project “Probabilistic Methods for Energy Transition” and they are ideally meant for young researchers.
The research program aims at studying, from the theoretical and numerical point of view, optimal control problems for the evaluation and optimization of renewable energy sources.

Candidates will be evaluated based on their scientific quality and their potential in developing research. There is no teaching obligations and knowledge of Italian is not required.

The deadline for both positions is the 4th of January 2024 (h. 13.00).
IMPORTANT: We encourage candidates interested in joining the project to apply for both positions since it won’t be possible to fill a position with a candidate who only applied for the other!

The Economics Department of the University of Verona has been recognised as “Dipartimento di Eccellenza” (Department of Excellence) in the last Italian Government research exercise.
The research group in quantitative and mathematical finance of the University of Verona offers a vibrant and young working environment. Members of the group:

  • Alessandro Gnoatto (full professor) 
  • Cecilia Mancini (full professor)
  • Cosimo-Andrea Munari (associate professor)
  • Athena Picarelli (associate professor and local coordinator of the project)
  • Andrea Mazzon (tenure-track assistant professor)
  • Sara Svaluto-Ferro (tenure-track assistant professor)
  • Jonathan Tam (post-doc)

University partners of the project are:

  • Università di Milano Statale (local coordinator and PI of the project: Prof. Luciano Campi)
  • Università di Padova (local coordinator: Prof. Tiziano Vargiolu)
  • Università di Torino (local coordinator: Prof. Tiziano De Angelis)

The call is in Italian, we will be happy to provide help to non Italian speakers with the application form.
For any query and help needed please contact: